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Monday, July 20, 2015


July 20 - 2215

Whew.  It has been a busy two days!  When Fujiwara Shihan said we were going to the aquarium below Sakata, I was so tired I missed the part that we would stay overnight.  Ha.  So off we go and I don't really have any idea where we're heading.  No overnight bag, computer, toiletries.  We left at 1300 and drove south for several hours, coming out of the mountainous country around Omagari, and down to the hilly area along the Sea of Japan and arrived at the aquarium at about 1700.  We saw amazing fields of farm produce and fruit trees and cedar forests and much logging.  Everything is under cultivation.

The museum sits right on a rocky stretch of coastline and is most famous for its jellyfish studies and collection.  The modern white architecture sits in contrast to the forested hills and rocky shores, but it all somehow worked very well.  The building in some ways reminded me of Tadao Ondo's work.  Being summer and a Sunday, there were many Japanese families visiting and many happy kids.  Here        are some photos:

But much to my surprise

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